The constituent parts

There are 9international items in the world leisure games( rock climbing, freestyleskating, street dance, e-sports, marathon, dragon boat, martial arts, chess,beach volleyball)), together with 8 domestic ones (riding, cycling, fishing,beach football, Chinese chess, Qingdao bungee jumping, aerobics dance, swim inthe jiaozhou bay).The athletes are expected to be 8000,including 800 foreignones and 7200 domestics.In terms of the arrangement on the venue, beachvolleyball, aerobics dance, swim in the jiaozhou bay,these 3 games will be heldin Qingdao.  The remaining 14 ones willbe in Laixi Sports Center Leisure Square,the stadiums,Jiangshan Wetland Park,Laixi Ecological Leisure Sports Park, Moon Lake Park, and around Dagu River -Tiding Road,Laxi Lake .