Qingdao(Laixi) 2019 World Leisure Games

Press conference:

The press conference was held successfully on January 30, 2019 at

the People's Daily. YanZhongqiu, Former Vice Chairman of the Beijing Municipal Political ConsultativeConference and Executive Committee of the Beijing Olympic Games OrganizingCommittee, Tu Xiaodong, Director of the Propaganda Department of the StateSports General Administration,Ye Zhenzhen,President of People's Daily Online, Tang Weihong, Vice President of People'sDaily Online, Luan Xin, Deputy Mayor of Qingdao Municipal People's Government, ZhangJuanjuan, Olympic champion, and other relevant leaders and guests attended theevent. 63 media outlets including Xinhua News Agency, People's Daily, CCTV, andPeople's Daily Online published and broadcast reports. The first round ofpropaganda reached a climax.

Launching Ceremony:

It is scheduledto be held in People's Square on April 27. At the same time, on April 27 and28, two competitions that can be highly engaged will be arranged to create ameeting atmosphere.

3. Opening andclosing ceremonies: The opening ceremony which will be held in July-August isscheduled to combine with the August 8th National Fitness Day. The closingceremony is scheduled to be held in October. It is planned to invite HunanSatellite TV's famous TV producer Gan Qiong as the chief planner and invite CCTV'sfamous sports announcer Han Qiaosheng as the host. The opening ceremony will bepresented by live video, with the story of Laixi as the main line. The theme"Happy in Laixi" of it was combined with the local characteristics ofLaixi. The songs and dances and folk art will be presented for Laixi's historyand culture, humanities and charms, which create a showcase of Laixi's culturalconnotation, city image, and sportsmanship.

Leisure Forum:

The Leisure Forum is planned to be held in conjunction with theopening ceremony. Many famous scholars, experts and business leaders fromsports, media, tourism and leisure industry will be invited to participate in.They will carry out strategic cooperation agreement signing, keynote speech,cooperation summit, and release of industry declarations on the theme ofleisure sports culture and development, leisure sports and national sportsintegration, etc., which provides a platform for exchanges between thepolitical and business circles for mutual integration, cooperation, exchangeand win-win development.

Leisure Products Expo:

The Expo is scheduled to be held in conjunction with the closingceremony. It adheres to the combination of tradition and fashion and thecombination of  online and offline. Well-knownenterprises in the national leisure sports industry will be invited toparticipate in. Through offline exhibitions and online activities, it promotesspecial industries, special products and investment policies such as Laixi newenergy, graphite, agricultural and sideline products. At the same time, itinnovates forms, designs virtual leisure sports exhibition area, fully displaysand applies VR technology, enhances participation, shows science andtechnology, and brings opportunities for resource introduction and industrialintegration.


The event adheres to the combination of competitive sports and leisuresports, the combination of fashion sports and traditional projects, and thecombination of professional competitions and national fitness, it also takesinto account international events, domestic events, high-profile projects andnational fitness events. From the perspective of sports + tourism, it fullytakes into account the tourism resources such as Laixi Lake, Yong Tai WetlandPark, Dagu River, grape-style town, etc., to expand the popularity of Laixi;from the perspective of sports + culture, it fully considers Laixi'straditional martial arts culture, archery culture and other resources in orderto create a "hometown of archery" and "hometown of martialarts"; from the perspective of sports + industry, it fully considers thedevelopment status of Laixi's automobile industry, aviation industry and healthcare industry, and promote the deep integration of sports and leisure industry.